On Writing…


‘I am going to write a book,’ says Him Indoors. ‘It will be entitled ‘Living With A Writer’ and trust me, it won’t be flattering.’ ‘Go for it,’ says I, [...]

On Writing…2021-07-05T11:47:19+01:00

On The Edge…


Just wanted to say how completely thrilled I am at the success of my latest book THE EDGE which shot straight into the top five of the Sunday Times Bestseller [...]

On The Edge…2019-06-05T14:58:47+01:00



It's always an 'oh no' moment. The one when He says 'Let's book a holiday.' This sets me off to the computer, and also sets me thinking about people who [...]


Fly? Maybe…


Well, it started like this. A trip up to Harrogate to do a spot of research for an upcoming book. No probs, you would think. Lovely! Harrogate has many good [...]

Fly? Maybe…2018-05-12T12:29:14+01:00
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