Just wanted to say how completely thrilled I am at the success of my latest book THE EDGE which shot straight into the top five of the Sunday Times Bestseller list on its release. It is part of the Ruby Darke series, following on from Nameless and Lawless.
It sold so well in hardback at its January launch and is still selling now. The paperback arrives on all good supermarket and bookshop shelves on Thursday 25th July 2019.
Thank you so much all you lovely people for buying and enjoying the new adventures of Ruby and her twins Kit and Daisy!

But every BEvery writer knows you’re only as good as your next book – so I’m hard at work already on edits of THE KNOCK right now – The Knock is a thrilling stand-alone about Dora O’Brien and her daughter Angel, and it’s published in January 2020 – which seems a long way off, but look – here we are, and it’s June already!After THE KNOCK comes THE MANOR, which my fevered brain is concocting as we speak. It’s a brand new stand-alone.

To everyone who’s been asking about Annie and Max Carter – never say never. I’m always thinking of them, and looking to include them wherever I can. In fact – there’s a cameo part for them both in THE KNOCK,  watch out for them in that.

Big hugs from me.